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Our Story

We are a small team of beauty professionals but we have been in our respective industries for over a decade. We have experience in hair care, hair styling, hair coloring, and more. We work with adults and children of all ages so we know hair and beauty.

After receiving many requests from our clients for hair and beauty products, we always recommend high-quality products and strive to provide them at the most affordable prices. With our online beauty supply store, not only can we provide products we use and believe in, we can offer the convenience of ordering online.

Our Mission

Our goal is to provide quality hair and beauty products at affordable products to men, women, and people of all ages.

Our Founders

The founders of our company are two super star women. One being the experienced beauty professional and the other being a rock star software engineer. Together they have created an online experience that brings beauty products to your door.

Ladies and Gents Shop Beauty Supply Store Hair Products Store Shampoo Conditioner Haircare Products Hairstyling Products Pomade Hairspray

Susie Roesch

Susie – The founder of Ladies & Gents, Inc started her hair journey in 2009. Susie mastered her barber skills at a local barber shop here in Largo, Florida. Three years into her journey, she decided to expand her skill set by studying the art of color at a hair salon in Clearwater, Florida. As five more years passed, she knew she was ready to take her endeavors to the next level.

Ladies & Gents Barber shop opened for business in November of 2017. After a couple of more years of hard work and dedication, she knew it was time to once again expand. Ladies & Gents transformed into a full-service salon, staffed with a team of professionals committed to providing amazing Hair, Massage, and Microblading services! She has also expanded with and online shop to provide the best recommendations and affordable prices for high-end hair care and hair styling products.

Ladies and Gents Shop Beauty Supply Store Hair Products Store Shampoo Conditioner Haircare Products Hairstyling Products Pomade Hairspray

Kimberly Santoro

Kimi is the founder of Soul Web Design and experienced software engineer, digital marketer, data analytics manager, and more. Kimi’s love for science and technology began at a young age. With a natural affinity for mathematics, she always excelled technical classes and wound up going on to college to obtain degrees in engineering science and biochemistry. After a short stint as a scientific researcher at a large pharmaceutical company, she moved towards the software engineering side of things.

She has spent over a decade honing her skills in the field of software engineering and was gradually promoted to senior software engineer to team lead at a large e-commerce management company.

She also built many websites for friends and/or their companies so her knowledge of programming, website building and e-commerce led her to be the perfect candidate to build an online store with her awesome hair style professional, Susie. Together, they mapped out a plan to provide quality hair care and hair styling products online at affordable prices.

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